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Saginaw Community Information

In no other place do rich cultural experiences and effortless family fun collide like in Saginaw. Home to one of the most authentic Japanese Tea Houses in all of North America, 1 of only 5 AZA-accredited zoos in Michigan, home to a beautifully restored 1927 historic vaudeville theatre; Saginaw captures a beautiful and diverse picture of adventures that are truly Pure Michigan... Read more

Midland Community Information

In Midland, every day is a work of art. From exquisite galleries to colorful create-your-own masterpiece studio spaces, it's easy to see the beauty of this rare community. When you're not soaking up the arts and culture that surround you, you'll also enjoy our downtown shopping district, exceptional sports venues, and more. A million brilliant possibilities await you in Midland... Read more

Bay City Community Information

There's nothing quite like seeing tall ships set sail from your hotel window, or diving into an exotic dining experience while you cruise along the bay aboard the Appledore schooner at sunset. Then again, there's no place quite like Bay City. Come experience our rich maritime legacy, one-of-a-kind dining options, and endless boutique and antique shopping, in the city where the good times float on and on... Read more

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